Prototype of Universal Wrapper stored procedure for Update, Delete and Insert in Postgres. Removes the need for writing procedures for each table.


1 -table name

2 - Can be'U', 'I', 'D' for Update, Insert, Delete respectively

3 - Primary key column name for Update, Delete

4 - Array of column names

5 - Array of column values


CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION "public"."uid" (p_table_name varchar, p_transaction_type varchar, p_key_name varchar, p_key_value varchar, p_column_names varchar [], p_column_values varchar []) RETURNS "pg_catalog"."void" AS
  v_sql VARCHAR;
  v_transaction_type VARCHAR;
  ArrayUbound INTEGER;
v_transaction_type := upper(p_transaction_type);
CASE WHEN v_transaction_type='U' THEN
     v_sql:= 'UPDATE ' || quote_ident(p_table_name) ||
     ' SET ';
     ArrayUbound := ARRAY_UPPER( p_column_names , 1) ; -- Get the upper bound of Array for the first dimension.  
     for i in 1 .. ArrayUbound loop
        v_sql := v_sql || quote_ident(p_column_names[i]) ||
         ' = ' || quote_literal(p_column_values[i]);
         if i < ArrayUbound THEN
            v_sql := v_sql || ',';
         end if;
     end loop;
     v_sql := v_sql || ' WHERE '|| quote_ident(p_key_name) ||
     ' = ' || quote_literal(p_key_value);
     RAISE LOG 'v_sql %', v_sql;
     EXECUTE v_sql;
     WHEN v_transaction_type='I' THEN
     INSERT INTO "public"."adb_koef" ("code_k", "namer_k", "namee_k", "prim", "saldo", "ras", "p_priv")
VALUES (4, 'К4', NULL, 'ЧПД/ССА', 0, NULL, True);
     v_sql:= 'INSERT INTO ' || quote_ident(p_table_name) ||
     ' (';
     ArrayUbound := ARRAY_UPPER( p_column_names , 1) ; -- Get the upper bound of Array for the first dimension.  
     for i in 1 .. ArrayUbound loop
        v_sql := v_sql || quote_ident(p_column_names[i]);
         if i < ArrayUbound THEN
            v_sql := v_sql || ',';
         end if;
     end loop;
     v_sql := v_sql || ') VALUES (';
     for i in 1 .. ArrayUbound loop
        v_sql := v_sql || quote_literal(p_column_values[i]);
         if i < ArrayUbound THEN
            v_sql := v_sql || ',';
         end if;
     end loop;
     v_sql := v_sql || ')';
     RAISE LOG 'v_sql %', v_sql;
     EXECUTE v_sql;
     WHEN v_transaction_type='D' THEN
     v_sql:= 'DELETE FROM ' || quote_ident(p_table_name) ||
     ' WHERE '|| quote_ident(p_key_name) ||
     ' = ' || quote_literal(p_key_value);
     RAISE LOG 'v_sql %', v_sql;
     EXECUTE v_sql;




Example of calling stored procedure above from MS Visual FoxPro


hConn = SQLCONNECT("sbs_pg",'SBS','SBS')
*hConn = SQLCONNECT("sbs_bt",'sbs','sbs')
Private begin_sec, end_sec, passed_sec
LOCAL v_date_wrk as Date
? v_date_wrk

* m_sql1="select public.uid('adb_koef','u','code_k','1',ARRAY['namer_k','namee_k','prim','ras'],ARRAY['laula1','lala2','lala3','lala4'])"
* m_sql1="select public.uid('adb_koef','d','code_k','20',null,null)"
m_sql1="select public.uid('adb_koef','i',null,null,ARRAY['code_k','namer_k','namee_k','prim','ras'],ARRAY['20','laula1','lala2','lala3','lala4'])"

? m_sql1
   ? RET
   end_sec = SECONDS()
   passed_sec = end_sec-begin_sec
   ? passed_sec    
   RET=SQLEXEC(hconn,"SELECT * from adb_koef","MyResult")
   *? RET
*? ok



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It’s a brief account of events I witnessed during my employment at Marconi Communications Ltd Ireland, from October 2000  to August 2002, and at CTBTO (Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization, UN related organization), from March 2008 to November 2008.


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The mind control experiments started in Nazi Germany under auspices of Ahnenerbe, SS occult institution. People were microwaved, installed electrodes in their brain. They collected huge research material out of those inhuman experiments. After the Second World War, those materials went to coalition of winners.


My colleague Timothy Hampton, who worked closely with me, later died in more than suspicious circumstances. His dead body was recovered from the bottom of stairwell in Building E of UN complex in Vienna, Austria. My work room was E507, Tim worked on the same floor.

(You  could Google up the story on Tim Hampton's death. Keywords: CTBTO BUILDING E OLENA GRYSCHUK WIDOW FLOOR 17)


By November 2008 I could not work. I frequently would fall asleep, again my health degraded. I had to return back to Kyrgyzstan and get medical treatment. Blood test results were just dreadful. 


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